Sunday Morning Eye Pain

We received a phone call on Sunday that one of our patients had gotten somethig in his eye – it was very painful and the eye was very red. Was there any way we could help? Usually the answer would be to go to the Emergency Room and see an ER doctor who doesn’t know… Read More

Going The Extra Mile

We had a visit from a patient today who wasn’t seeing well in his right eye. The examination revealed a cloudy membrane behind his previously placed intraocular lens. Normally insurance companies require the treatment (laser removal of this membrane) to be done on a different day in order to be paid. Our patient’s wife is… Read More

Mission to Cienaga, Colombia

Dr. Brear and Kerry Hall returned from an exciting medical mission trip to Colombia. Over 550 people were seen each day for vision problems ranging from blurred vision and need for glasses to effective blindness caused by cataracts and other vision damaging situations. Medical Ministry International organizes ophthalmology mission trips to Columbia every year to… Read More