As a proactive measure to increase patient safety, we are offering convenient telemedicine visits from your own home in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Please read all of the information on this page prior to your visit. If you have questions or would like to schedule a telemedicine or in-office visit, please call (540) 825-3655.


A telemedicine visit is a real-time two way video call with your healthcare provider from separate locations. This means that you can have your doctor appointment from the comfort of your own home via your phone, computer or tablet. You will be able to see each other and speak directly to him about your condition. Photos can be taken or sent in if necessary. You have your own scheduled time just as if you were in the office. Many types of appointments can be done through telemedicine allowing you to continue for your eye health during this time of crisis.

Telemedicine appointments can be done from a computer, an Ipad or any mobile device with a screen. No special software is required to be downloaded.  The office will send you a HIPAA compliant link to directly connect you to our office when it is time for your exam.

Curbside service is available for certain tests and exams. This allows you to drive to the office, stay in your car and have a technician or the doctor come to your window to take the necessary measurements for your test. Later, you will have a scheduled video call with Dr. Brear from your home to continue your exam and discuss the results.

If you have testing that must be performed at the office, we also offer expedited office visits minimizing your time in the office. You come in only for your test and then later talk to Dr. Brear from your home about your results. This is helpful if you need to minimize your risks but also need to continue critical care for your eyes.

Dr. Brear is still available to see patients for in-office appointments during regular office hours. Please click here for more information about in-office appointments during the COVID-19 crisis.


At your scheduled visit, please call the office to make payment if needed and to be asked whether you prefer the video link sent via email or cell phone. You will then receive an invitation into a secure telemedicine visit with your provider and a medical assistant. All you need to do is click the link to enter the medical visit. 


New patients, prior to your appointment, you will need to set up your account in our online portal at my patient visit. An informative email will be sent to you covering account set up at the time you make your appointment. If you are unable to access this, please call the office for assistance.

Established patients will have your information confirmed when making the appointment.

WHAT IS THE COST OF TELEMEDICINE VISITS?                                        

A telemedicine visit is billed using the same fee schedule as in-office visits. Medicare and most commercial insurance companies will process telemedicine claims at this time.

Coverage depends on the benefits of your plan. We will collect your co-pay and/or deductible by credit card at the time of your visit. 

If your insurance does not cover this type of visit, during this Covid-19 crisis, we have special telemedicine rates that apply. We will collect this fee by credit card at the time of your visit.

Please call our office to verify insurance coverage or if you have any questions: (540) 825-3655

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon – virtually or in person!