Cataract surgery is one of the most common and most successful surgeries performed in the United States, allowing people to enjoy good vision and improved lifestyles. preventing the eventual blindness that is common in countries with less developed health care. For people who are significantly affected by cataracts, lens removal is the preferred method of treatment. We begin by customizing the plan of care to fit your lifestyle. There are more advanced technology choices than ever before. We find the one that is right for you. Dr. Brear then performs a minimally invasive, no-stitch cataract surgery called phacoemulsification surgery.

A small ultrasonic needle is inserted into the eye through a self sealing incision. The needle pulverizes the cloudy lens into tiny pieces and gently sucks, or aspirates, those pieces out of the eye. To make your procedure as painless as possible, anesthesia is a combination of topical along with IV sedation.

With the recent advance of affordable IOLs, artificial lenses can be implanted through the same small incision that is created in the phaco procedure. These IOLs are made of a flexible material, allowing them to be folded for implantation. Once inside the eye, the lens unfolds and returns to its original shape.