When the clouded cataract lens is removed during cataract surgery, a variety of replacement intraocular lenses (IOL) are available. In the past, before IOL’s were available, patients undergoing cataract surgery had to wear thick “Coke Bottle” glasses. These were cumbersome and heavy. Over the past 40 years, IOLs have and continue to undergo many improvements.

Today, patients have a choice of type of lens (IOL) when undergoing cataract surgery that can decrease or even eliminate the need to wear glasses to see. Dr. Brear offers the most current technology now available at the conveniently located Culpeper Surgery Center.

Restor Multifocal IOL

While some cataract replacement lenses only let you see clearly at one distance, the ReSTOR lens lets you see near, far and everywhere in-between. It’s a multifocal lens that improves vision in a range of distances, so you can see the whole picture clearly – usually without glasses.

see more at https://www.myalcon.com/products/surgical/docs/IQ-ReSTOR-Patient-Brochure.pdf


The Crystalens is the only IOL which simulates the way our natural eye sees. Dr Brear was the first ophthalmologist to offer this lens in Culpeper. This lens when implanted allows for excellent distance vision while allowing patients to focus on near objects. This is done by the lens changing positions within the eye. Thus when the eye looks in the distance the lens is positioned to see far away and when looking at near objects, the lens changes positions allowing the person to see up close. Ask us about this new technolgy.

Trulign – The lastest technology

Trulign brings the Crysalens technology and ability to focus on near and far objects to the astigmatic patient who’s eyeball shape makes focusing difficult and needs special correction. This is a great advancement for the astigmatic patient.